Spirituality & Aging Symposium

Saint_John's Annual Spirituality & Aging Symposium
March 10 - 14, 2019
Registration is closed for this event.
Due to overwhelming interest, we have reached full capacity.

2019 Spirituality & Aging Symposium


Our Goal

Saint_John's annual Symposium on Spirituality & Aging brings together participants from the wider community, as well as theologians and faith community representatives, academics, and aging services providers to share wisdom and insights from the social sciences, the humanities and a spectrum of spiritual traditions to create a holistic framework for understanding and sharing the journey of aging.

Strategic Approach

To foster growth, connection, and learning, each symposium features an inter-play of activities that includes listening to one’s inner wisdom and guidance, exploring and integrating compelling ideas with insightful reflection, art and music, and sharing in robust conversations that harvest the collective wisdom of the group.

Inner Awareness: The Symposium provides opportunities for participants to tap into their own inner notions and wisdom, and bring beliefs and assumptions into conscious awareness.

Compelling Ideas: The Symposium explores ideas from trusted sources to seed learning and spark new understanding. Lectures and seminars are followed by questions designed to encourage reflection and self-discovery, prompting a shift in focus from outer to inner authority. Opportunity for reflection and spiritual practice, as well as engagement with art and music, is incorporated into the overall program design.

Collective Wisdom: The Symposium is designed to provide a receptive space of deep listening and speaking from the heart. Informal and structured activities help the group listen to one another’s insights, perceive patterns, connect diverse perspectives, and experience a sense of wholeness and community.

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Note:  CEH certification for each applicable session is indicated on the schedule.