Saint_John's is a fabulous place to live. Our residents are proud to live in a place where they can live with ease. See what they have to say about us.

"My vision is for residents to continue to feel they can still serve this place and the community at large, utilizing their knowledge, talents and skills."

Bernice B. Popelka

"I tell my friends and family that Saint_John's is just right for me. I am still independent but with fewer concerns than if I lived in my old home."

Bill Eastham

"In the 1980s, I called to see if my firm could get on the list for construction projects at Saint_John's. We have been working on the campus ever since. What a great client Saint_John's has been over the years! During the South Tower construction, we had a room where residents could come and observe. Some got so excited; they would watch the progress every day. Now my wife and I are looking forward to becoming residents."

Gary Jorgensen

"Thank you to everyone in rehab for making my stay during recovery from spinal surgery a pleasant experience. After completing my therapy, my walking and joint discomforts are much improved. The food was outstanding and served with a smile. The staff was all cheerful, helpful and dedicated. It takes a crew to make everything run so smoothly"

Gloria Sprague

"I’m thankful for the caring, loving employees who look after people — I love the smiles and hellos."

Jim Ballard