What Our Residents Say

"My vision is for residents to continue to feel they can still serve this place and the community at large, utilizing their knowledge, talents and skills."

Bernice B. Popelka

"After nearly 40 years of VJS working with Saint_John's senior living community and planning on our move into this wonderful community, Judy and I are now here and living in the North Tower. The views from our windows and deck are breathtaking. We love watching the seasons change! We have wonderful neighbors and have found all the residents to be friendly, welcoming, and interesting. The staff is happy to do anything possible to make the resident's lives excellent. Food is good! We are so happy to be here!"

Gary Jorgensen

"Thank you to everyone in rehab for making my stay during recovery from spinal surgery a pleasant experience. After completing my therapy, my walking and joint discomforts are much improved. The food was outstanding and served with a smile. The staff was all cheerful, helpful and dedicated. It takes a crew to make everything run so smoothly"

Gloria Sprague

"I’m thankful for the caring, loving employees who look after people — I love the smiles and hellos."

Jim Ballard

"When I walked into the Central Tower lobby, I knew instantly that this was going to be our new home. Once my husband and I settled in, I was quickly introduced to a new volunteer opportunity: the library. Today, I lead a group of volunteers who process the many donated books. I also monitor funds to purchase new titles and started the Classics Book Group. It grew so large, it had to be split into morning and afternoon sessions."

Joan McCracken