Community Impact Fund

Compassion and Justice

Looking back on Saint John’s distinguished history for compassion and justice, we are compelled to chart a similarly courageous course into the future. It is our humble, moral obligation. It is through that lens that we have examined how Saint John’s, as an organization and a cooperative of individuals, might further employ our resources to effect positive change. This initiative actually began in 2018 with the vision of an Institute On Aging. Four years of exploration and the effects of the COVID-19 have sharpened our focus and defined our new vision for community impact.



Impact Positive Change

We are honored to announce the opening of the COMMUNITY IMPACT FUND, an endowment fund established in our Foundation to enhance and secure our vision in perpetuity. The generous donations of long-time employee and former Vice President Donna Spars and resident Kent Mayfield seeded the Community Impact Fund. We are profoundly grateful to Donna and Kent who have been instrumental in the early work which brought us to this place of clarity of purpose.

We invite you to join Donna and Kent in supporting Saint John’s as we strengthen and expand our collective opportunity to make a difference in the lives of older adults in greater Milwaukee and continue our founders’ century old calling to serve.

Thank you for believing in the power, relevance, and significance philanthropic giving has on our ability to raise awareness of critical issues facing older adults.



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