Surprising Findings Resale Store

Saint_John's Surprising Findings resale store is a treasure and a fun shopping destination located on the Ground Level of the Central Tower. Surprising Finding’s revenue supports the Community Impact Endowment Fund – an initiative of worthy purpose. Thank you to all for making a difference in the lives of others through your generosity of donations and for shopping.

SurprisingFindings is also the name of our online Etsy site. Donations of items for our on-site store, as well as vintage collectibles for our online shop, are currently open. Please contact Paulina Ruiz-Maki, 414-831-6875 for inquiries or email her at:

Saint_John's is a good steward “paying it forward” by donating used appliances, cabinets from refurbished apartments and household furnishings to support other community nonprofit organizations.

Click here to shop at our online Etsy site SurprisingFindings, for vintage items.



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