Ways to Give

As a 501c3, All donations to Saint John’s On The Lake are tax deductible as provided by law. Gifts may be unrestricted or tied to a specific interest of the donor. Recognition is offered to all donors but of course donors may chose to remain anonymous.

There are a number of ways to make a gift to Saint John’s. Our Director of Philanthropy, Sybil Bell, is available to assist donors who are considering an individualized estate plan or have other questions related to charitable giving.

Contact Sybil at 414-831-6911 or sbell@SaintJohnsMilw.org

Seven Ways to Give

1. Online Using Your Credit Card (click here).

2. Gifts of cash make an immediate impact today and for the future.

3. Gifts of appreciated stocks with a long-term holding period provide Saint John’s full asset market value while giving the donor tax advantages.

4. Bequest gifts can be outlined in your will or added as a codicil, creating a perpetual commitment to our mission. Gifts may be a percentage or residue of an estate, identified property, or specific dollar amount.

5. Tributes are a unique and lasting way to honor the memory of a loved one, or to recognize a special occasion, like a birth, wedding, anniversary, or birthday.

6. Gift annuities provide donors annual guaranteed life income (partially tax-free) while helping to reduce estate taxes as well as to support Saint John’s.

7. Gifts of life insurance are possible by adding Saint John’s as a beneficiary to an existing policy or acquiring a new one to benefit Saint John’s.