Active Lifestyles by Saint John’s Residents

Pet Show 2023

It was a beautiful day on the Saint John’s Plaza to showcase our furry friends.  The crowds were amazing and enjoyed the decorations, food, and entertainment, but most of all they loved the pets.

Juneteenth 2023 Celebration at Saint John’s 

Residents and Staff had a great time at Saint John’s 3rd Annual Juneteenth Celebration dancing on the Plaza with Robin Adkins & Friends, eating the food from Heaven’s Table BBQ and enjoying the desserts from Confectionately Yours!   Check out the video!

Watch Juneteenth 2023 Video Now

We Are Family

In general, people tend to gravitate toward others who share their interests. Many who move here arrived at our doorstep because of a recommendation from a friend who lives at Saint John’s. It is rare, but by no means uncommon,  for multiple family members to live here though not always at the same time. 

Sometimes, the situation is separated by generations. Resident Bob Taylor and his parents, Jan and Bob, Sr. (for whom Taylor’s restaurant is named) and his grandmother Ora Taylor lived at Saint John’s, Ora moving to Prospect Avenue from our prior location on Cass Street. Ardith Maney and Jim Friauf followed in their mothers’ footsteps and Elizabeth Axelrod in her father’s footsteps. 

Elizabeth Bradley, Loni & Bob Kagan, and Sandy & Kerry Van Kleeck are further examples of multi-generational families.

Currently, 4 pairs of siblings call Saint John’s home – Kathy Kain and Marge Ryan, Connie Doerr and Jane Malone, Bill and Carol Carpenter, and Ellin Levy and Carol Saffro – with numerous other examples over recent years. 

Love is Timeless

WTMJ videoed a story about love with a couple from each of Saint John’s Independent Living Towers. It was a Valentine’s Day story, but their love is timeless.

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Meet Saint John’s Resident, Jim Ballard 

Jim has been on a journey for the last year to define “legacy” and realize his contribution to future generations. 

A recent Living article in Milwaukee Magazine about Saint John’s residents, Mary & John Becker and Barbara & Harry Drake.



At 81 years old, John Becker runs between 25 and 30 miles every week and competes in long-distance runs. To avoid injury and stay in competitive shape, he does regular stretching in the gym and swims laps in the pool at Saint John’s on the Lake, where he lives with his wife, Mary Stott. John and Mary lived on the East Side only two blocks south of Saint John’s until September 2017, when they decided to move into the retirement community.

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Saint John’s is a pet-friendly community.  We love our furry friends! 

Meet Cappy and her owner, Margot.

Enjoy the beautiful residence of Margot and Cappy as they walk you through the Johnstone floor plan.


Saint John’s Second Annual Juneteenth Celebration On Our Plaza was Amazing!

Great music by our own Robin Adkins and Friends – a tribute to Motown, delicious food by Heaven’s Table BBQ and fantastic desserts by Confectionately Yours!


Why We Moved to Saint_John's

By Barbara Byer

“What we never expected was the gracious welcoming, the many new friends we would make.”

Read Barbara Byer’s recap on why she and her spouse, Steve, decided to move to Saint_John's.

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Residence Video Tour > >

With Alison Graf and Richard Schreiner

Alison Graf and Richard Schreiner moved into Saint_John's in January 2020.  Enjoy the video tour as they walk you through the Kingston floorplan showing their beautiful residence.

Read Other Articles by Ms. Klebar

As Published in the Whitefish Bay Leaves Publication
January 2022 Download Article




By Luci Klebar

Director of Sales and Marketing, Saint John’s On The Lake


 “What, Me, Worry?”

These are the famous words of that infamous smart aleck, Alfred E. Neuman, the freckled cartoon-face of Mad Magazine. He had a devil may care (or dare me) attitude about life and was always getting himself into hot water because of the decisions he made. He was a “crasher,” but more on that later. Having worked with older adults for many years on what is inarguably one of the most important decisions of their lives, I can verify there are three types of people, and they all make decisions differently at a crucial time in their life – deciding when to move to a senior living community.  Continued…


Your plan for when the time is right!

The Shore Holder’s Club is Saint John’s On The Lake’s future resident program designed for individuals who desire to move to Saint_John's at some point in the future.

To join the Shore Holder’s Club, all you need to do is complete an application and submit it along with a one-time $3,500 deposit ($2,500 of which is transferable to your Entrance Fee, or refundable). Then, start experiencing Saint_John's community while enjoying these benefits of your Shore Holder’s Club membership:

  1. Priority opportunity to reserve the apartment type of your choice when it becomes available.
  2. Effective in 2021, priority admission to the Health Care Center, based on availability and your insurance provider.
  3.  Enjoy our fine dining Taylor’s Restaurant and casual dining Bistro.
  4. Participate in LifeStreams programming dedicated to whole-person wellness or utilize the amenities on your own (7:00 a.m.–9:00 p.m.), including the state-of-the-art fitness center, swimming pool, art galleries, woodworking shop, chapel and library.
  5. Reserve Town Center community areas including the Cultural Arts Center, the Kathie Eilers LifeStreams Classroom, Taylor’s Private Dining Room, the Parlor and more for personal or professional meetings at no additional charge.
  6. Participate in social, educational and cultural programs and other events provided by Saint John’s with prior reservations and at established rates, if applicable.

A Walking and Biking Paradise

Anne & Art Brooks, Residents

“When we lived in Whitefish Bay. we always enjoyed walking to beautiful Lake Michigan. And now. living at Saint_John's. we can continue that tradition by hopping on our bikes. and pedaling a block to ride along the shoreline!”

Walk Score confirms that Saint_John's is a perfect location for strolls. bike rides. and brisk walks.


Good City Tour Video > >

Video by Loni Kagen, Resident

Loni Kagen created a fun video to watch and share while taking a walk around the beautiful Saint_John's community.

DOORS OPEN Video Tours of Saint_John's


A DOORS OPEN Tour of Saint_John's

Behind the Scenes – Resident Workshop Tour

As Published in the Whitefish Bay Leaves Publication, September 2021
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Do You Ever Feel Like a Club Sandwich?

By Luci Klebar

Director of Sales and Marketing, Saint John’s On The Lake


THE SANDWICH GENERATION depicts the layers of responsibility for those we love … our children, grandchildren, aging parents and we are squeezed in the middle with our careers. Searching for the ever elusive balance between work, caregiving and home life – the extra layers – can be stressful.

And, to add to that, you may be noticing changes in mom or dad. A lack of enthusiasm for hobbies or interests that they used to enjoy – or can’t enjoy because of COVID created barriers. According to a 2021 report from the CDC, loneliness and social isolation are linked to serious health conditions.  Continued…

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