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Gifts in Tribute to those celebrating birthdays or anniversaries or in the memory of a deceased loved one are a wonderful way to honor special occasions and individuals who are dear to us.

Please join the many others who have embraced our culture of philanthropy to enrich the present and enhance the future. All gifts to Saint_John's qualify as tax deductible according to IRS tax codes.

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Saint_John's Communities Foundation Funds

The Foundation is a charitable organization with a purpose to solicit, hold, manage, invest and expend endowed funds to benefit of Saint_John's Communities and to support its programs and activities. Support our Funds:

ALBERT O. NICHOLAS CHAPEL MUSIC FUND and ALBERT O. NICHOLAS CHAPLAINCY FUND: To assure that there shall be appropriate music at Episcopal services held in the Chapel of Saint John the Evangelist and to ensure that there shall at all times be a full-time Episcopal Chaplain on staff on the campus at Saint_John's On The Lake.

COMMUNITY IMPACT FUND: to build capacity of organizations in the wider Milwaukee community through supporting the creation of lasting solutions to the negative consequences of poverty, discrimination and chronic health conditions among older adults.

DIRECTORS FUND FOR CHARITABLE CARE: to assist Communities in enabling residents of Saint_John's On The Lake to maintain their residence although their personal resources can no longer fully cover their residency costs.

GARDEN & NATURE FUND: to supplement Communities’ budget for the maintenance and enhancement of the gardens, landscaping, outdoor lighting and such natural amenities of the Communities’ campus as the bee project and the butterfly garden.

GENERAL FUND (UNRESTRICTED): to support the general budget of Communities through annual distributions.

FUND FOR THE VISUALLY IMPAIRED: to provide annual grant awards to organizations in Southeastern Wisconsin that provide services to or for older adults with visual impairment.



LLOYD LEWIS FELLOWSHIP FUND: to provide licensed health care staff with additional financial resources to attain certification or the completion of approved training in the best practices in health care services to our residents.

ANGELA TITUS SCHOLARSHIP FUND FOR DEMENTIA EDUCATION: to honor the memory of Angela Titus, Dementia Specialist and LifeStreams Manager, to provide scholarships to employees to attain knowledge of the best practices in dementia care service.

SCHOLARSHIP FUND: to provide employee scholarship awards for those who seek to advance their learning, complete certifications or expand professional skills at accredited educational institutions.



LIFESTREAMS PROGRAM FUND: to provide flexibility and variety in programming of Seven Dimensions emphasizing the emotional, environmental, intellectual, occupational, physical, social and spiritual aspects of living well.

VERENA FJERMESTAD & BRUCE FETTER MUSIC FUND: to honor the memory of Verena Fjermestad and to provide classical music concerts by faculty and students of the UW-Milwaukee Peck School of the Arts.

BILL & CHAR JOHNSON MUSIC FUND: to honor the memory of Albert O. Nicholas, friend of the Johnsons and benefactor of Saint_John's, this fund supports semi-classical concerts by professional musicians.

BELA & JULIE MAROTI OPERA FUND: to fund annual performances by the Florentine Opera Company on the campus of Saint_John's.

ALICE & JIM NELSON CHORAL MUSIC FUND: to honor the memory of Jim Nelson and to sponsor choral music performances on the campus of Saint_John's by professional vocal groups.

BILL & NICOLE TEWELES ENTERTAINMENT FUND: to honor the memory of Bill Teweles and to sponsor programs featuring live theater, film screenings and visual arts-related exhibits.

JEAN B. TYLER PROGRAM FUND: to honor the memory of Jean B. Tyler, Tower Resident Council Chair, to provide programs of an educational nature focused primarily on the discussion of policy issues of a local, regional, statewide, national or international nature.

PHYLLIS WAGONER CHAMBER MUSIC SERIES FUND: to honor the memory of Phyllis Wagoner by her children for the purpose of presenting chamber music performances by Milwaukee Symphony musicians on the campus of Saint_John's.


Saint_John's Communities Funds

Financial contributions to Communities support our mission to enrich the lives of older adults through gracious retirement living, spiritual growth, cultural and educational opportunities and residential health care services. Our funds:

CAPITAL PROJECTS FUND supports acquisitions of new equipment and renovation projects.

EMPLOYEE HOLIDAY FUND provides a holiday party and appreciation bonus check for each employee of Saint_John's.


To donate gifts of appreciated stock: 
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Please contact Cathy Carr to explore the options that best fit your philanthropic vision.
 Cathy Carr, Director of Philanthropy, (414) 831-6905 or send an email.