Kathie & Tony Asmuth


Kathie and Tony Asmuth

Amidst the initial phase of the pandemic, Kathie and Tony Asmuth quietly moved to the North Tower. After a year of imposed restraint, they quickly identified opportunities to engage and support the community they now call home.  

Kathie (along with resident Margot Paddock) was the impetus and expertise behind the North Tower lobby enhancements. Her keen eye created the comfortable, cozy greeting and seating space at modest cost, thanks to her longstanding relationships with vendors and offer of gratis design service.

Tony serves on Saint John’s Foundation Board of Directors where he lends his skill as an attorney and his experience on both for-profit and charitable boards to steward our endowed funds.

Together, Kathie and Tony enjoy the fine arts, particularly classical music. They share this appreciation with fellow residents through their sponsorship of Charles Sullivan’s Saturday piano and organ concerts.