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Enjoy this professionally curated exhibit of MOWA On The Lake, the satellite site of the Museum of Wisconsin Art, located in Saint John’s Museum Gallery and open to the public daily from 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.


Musings on Dairy Farms  |  Pastels by Judith M. Friebert 

ON VIEW |  April 11 – June 23

For many years, Judith Friebert has focused on depicting family-owned dairy farms. As a child, she accompanied her parents—the Milwaukee artists Joseph and Betsy Ritz Friebert—on sketching trips in the countryside. They were often drawn to Wisconsin’s legendary dairy farms. The farmers were friendly, pleased to have their land admired in this way. Years later, living in Massachusetts, Friebert began to explore this subject again. Moving to her native state five years ago, she found similar pastoral subjects to portray, although not nearly as many as before: In the current era of corporate dairy farming, small farms struggle to survive.

Friebert aims to capture not the picturesque but, rather, essential elements of a working farm: the animals and the land that supports them. She finds cows particularly interesting, challenged by their ever-changing shapes as they appear against fields, sky, and buildings. Pastel and charcoal are her preferred mediums, because this allows for an immediacy—applied to paper with deft, nervous lines and a subtle palette—and easy portability. She works on sight, then refines and completes the drawings in her studio.

Friebert’s respect for farmers comes from a belief in the dignity of labor. They generously permit her to wander freely over their properties and share with her their concerns. Friebert tries to give back the best she can through her work and in advocating for them. She thanks her farmer friends for allowing her to make her art on their beautiful farms.


Artwalk To Showcase Saint John’s Collection

What do you get when you combine 155 years of art lovers, connoisseurs and aficionados? A significant collection of truly remarkable artwork! These generous individuals have shared their discerning appreciation of fine art and have been instrumental in the establishment of our impressive collection on display on the Town Center.

Saint John’s had a vision of creating a curated Artwalk to highlight and showcase Saint John’s art collection to be completed in time for the Third Ward Association’s Fall Gallery Night MKE scheduled for October 20-21. The undertaking of this project has included a full eight months of photography, research, appraisal and cataloging of over 619 works of art. Managed by Erin Burke, Saint John’s Director of LifeStreams, the project is on target to meet the deadline.

Erin notes, “Preserving and documenting Saint John’s art portfolio and collection is very important. As we work through this project, we are gathering stories, historic documents and information that will live with us for generations to come. The Artwalk will offer a peek into the collection and celebrate the beauty and vibrancy that is Saint John’s On The Lake. We honor the creativity and expression of the artist as they draw out emotions when you walk these halls.” The archive will be a living document that will be updated with each new work donated and catalog the movement of art through our campus.

Each piece and/or collection has a unique QR code transporting the individual into Saint John’s catalog of art which is searchable by artist and collection. The catalog will also guide the visitor to the location on Saint John’s campus where the art is currently on display.


For quick access to the Saint John’s Artwork Archive, use one of the following:
<< On a desktop computer or laptop, scan the QR Code with your phone.
–– On a mobile device, Click Here.