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When most of us think of health and wellness, we think of physical well being. LifeStreams is Saint_John's wellness program, and it takes a broad view of what contributes to a healthy life. The LifeStreams program is designed to improve the quality of life for residents by nurturing and supporting them in all dimensions of their lives: intellectual, spiritual, emotional, physical, social and occupational. LifeStreams transcends the continuum of care.

LifeStreams offers residents and employees a wide range of opportunities to pursue long-time interests, develop new ones, and overcome barriers ― from the physical to the psychological ― that may hinder them from reaching their goals.

Saint_John's residents are not passive. They frequently suggest, help plan, and present LifeStreams programs.

Personal Training

As a resident, each year, you receive three complimentary hours of personal training (in half-hour or hour increments) from either of our personal fitness coaches. If you want more sessions, you can sign up for them at a small fee. Your personal training can take any form you wish ― from learning how to swim the crawl, to improving your balance, to finding which exercise classes are best for you. You can receive your personal training in any location you wish, from the fitness room, to your apartment, to outdoors.


For additional information about LifeStreams:
Contact Erin Burke at (414) 831-6950 or send an email.

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