Mary Beth and Holger Petersen


Mary Beth and Holger Petersen

When Mary Beth and Holger Petersen moved to the South Tower in 2011, they left behind their gorgeous suburban gardens. Saddened by the loss and with time on his hands, Holger soon found an outlet to continue his passion for beautiful green space. As long-time chair of the Garden & Landscape committee, Holger contributed his considerable knowledge,   personal financial resources and countless hours improving and maintaining the many gardens on our campus.

He singlehandedly planted, and for a decade maintained, the rose gardens in the raised beds along The Bistro and at the front door to the South Tower. It was Holger’s idea to offer residents an opportunity to garden in raised beds. He purchased, assembled and maintained the trugs  and created the lottery system assigning plots to gardeners.

Our long dark winters are more cheerful as a result of Holger’s work installing and maintaining the decorative tree lighting found around campus. In 2014, beekeeping piqued Holger’s interest inspiring him to educate us on the benefits and allay our fears. We’ve been home to two hives ever since!

In celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary, Holger and Mary Beth donated the gorgeous live plant walls in the North Atrium overlooking the Plaza, ensuring we are all able to enjoy lush green plants year-round.

 Holger has passed the baton of committee leadership to Susan Mazza, and with growing trust in Tim Anderson, our landscape professional, he’s finding more time to relax and travel with Mary Beth. 

Holger, our grateful community thanks you for your enormous contribution.