Saint John’s – Moving Fast

A recent Living article in Milwaukee Magazine about Saint John’s residents, Mary & John Becker and Barbara & Harry Drake.



At 81 years old, John Becker runs between 25 and 30 miles every week and competes in long-distance runs. To avoid injury and stay in competitive shape, he does regular stretching in the gym and swims laps in the pool at Saint John’s on the Lake, where he lives with his wife, Mary Stott. John and Mary lived on the East Side only two blocks south of Saint John’s until September 2017, when they decided to move into the retirement community. “I’ve carried on with my life, as it was before I moved here,” Mary says. “We both enjoy the programs Saint John’s offers. One can do a lot here without even leaving the building.”

The recent addition of the 22-story North Tower added 79 independent living apartments to the complex. Barbara and Harry Drake were among the first residents to move in during February of 2020. Living on the 10th floor, they have an expansive view of Milwaukee’s East Side. The Drakes moved in before they required any assistance. “We learned that people who move in sooner do a better job of adjusting to the change,” says Barbara, who is 73. “We’re moving forward to this next step, and we’re very happy to be here.”