Our View On Healthcare

Our person-centered philosophy is designed to empower residents to make the community their own. The person-centered approach began when Saint John’s On The Lake transformed nursing home care from an institutional model to a social model with community living.

For generations, nursing homes have operated using a strong medical model where residents no longer control such basic pleasures  and rights as when they wake up in the morning, what they eat, how they spend their time and when they go to sleep. Caregivers have traditionally saved time by doing everything for the resident rather than allowing them to help themselves.

At Saint John’s, we focus on individualized care; residents direct their own care expressing individual needs and preferences – even if they have diminished cognitive abilities. Caregivers get to know the resident’s life history, personal accomplishments and preferences and help them retain more control over their own care. Our philosophy focuses on the strength and wellness of the individual in contrast to the illness and is an integral facet of our better view on life.

Although the person-centered philosophy started at Saint John’s in the care center, today it influences daily life throughout the entire community.