Our View On Wellness

Our view on wellness is focused on the well-being, growth and vitality of everyone in the Saint John’s community. This starts with the commitment of our expert, caring staff to nurturing the whole person. Central to our commitment is a personal wellness program known as Lifestreams that addresses the whole person – emotional, intellectual, occupational, physical, spiritual and social.

Lifestreams is modeled on Dr. Bill Hettler’s nationally recognized Six Dimensions of Wellness.  People who nurture the totality of their being through the six dimensions of wellness improve the quality of their lives while avoiding illness and injury.

Involves the capacity to manage feelings and behaviors, recognize and express feelings, control stress, problem solve and manage success and failure.

Encourages individuals to expand their knowledge and skills through a variety of resources and cultural activities.

Emphasizes the process of determine and achieving personal and occupational interests through meaningful activities, including lifespan occupations, learning new skills, volunteering and developing new interests or hobbies.

Promotes involvement in physical activities for cardiovascular endurance, muscular strengthening and flexibility.  Advocates healthy lifestyle habits, encourages personal safety and appropriate use of the health care system.

Includes seeking meaning and purpose, demonstrating values through behaviors, such as meditation, prayer and contemplation of life/death as well as appreciating beauty, nature and life.

Emphasizes creating and maintaining healthy relationships by talking, sharing interests and actively participating in social events.

*Definitions by Mather Lifeways