Symposium On Aging 2020

2020 Symposium On Aging


Facing Age with Honesty, Compassion and Courage




Our Goal

Saint_John's annual Symposium On Aging offers a clear-eyed vision for confident aging in changing times.

It provides a context for older adults, practicing professionals and concerned members of the community to share ideas, research outcomes and lessons-learned to confront paradigm shifts in health care, wellness, spirituality, and social justice.

Strategic Approach

To stimulate growth, connection, and learning, the symposium features an interplay of activities that:

  • Explore and critique compelling ideas from diverse perspectives
  • Combine self-reflection with shared conversation to a build a sense of wholeness, community and collective wisdom
  • Profile the role of personal creative endeavor and the arts in healthy aging.

To strengthen knowledge and enhance the capacity for service, the symposium:  

  • Moves at the intersections of age, race/ethnicity, gender, sexuality, health, psycho-social condition and spiritual awareness
  • Views the experience of aging through the lenses of public perception, personal experience, and scientific research as well as the arts and media
  • Explores current efforts to address rapid change, trends and pressing issues with innovative models for transformative change.


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Note:  CEH certification for each applicable session is indicated on the schedule.