“United We Stand” Painting by Darron Ray Reed

Mixed Media: Oil, Latex and Watercolor on Wood 

Saint John’s Team Member and Artist, Darron Ray Reed, discusses his painting entitled “United We Stand”. 
“It is dedicated to my inspiration… the employees of Saint John’s On The Lake for their hard work and devotion to our residents, and to each other,” says Reed.  “The individual gold plaques represent each department/team, whose efforts are essential to maintaining a strong foundation. The puzzle pieces represent our diversity – with many ethnic groups coming together to work as one. And the depiction of all three Towers represents our residents’ home and the individuals who give us our purpose.”
The wood Darron used as the canvas for this piece was originally the sign for the Saint John’s Fine Arts Bulletin Board which was located on the Lower Level of the Central Tower more than 20 years ago.