The Wisconsin Health and Educational Facilities Authority (WHEFA)

The Wisconsin Health and Educational Facilities Authority (WHEFA) assists all eligible Wisconsin non-profit institutions to obtain and maintain access to tax-exempt financing in order to finance or refinance their capital improvements and expansion needs.

Renee Anderson, President and CEO of Saint_John’s, was appointed by Governor Scott Walker to serve on the Board of Directors of WHEFA in September, 2017.

WHEFA fulfills its mission by providing prompt, user-friendly services including communication, education, and advocacy directed towards borrowers, lenders, government, the public, trade associations, and financing team participants.

WHEFA’s ability to be successful is dependent on effective Member leadership and a staff that can provide operational excellence. This success requires Members and staff to be well informed about the industries served and to stay abreast of financing needs and options. Regardless of whether or not WHEFA is involved in the ultimate issuance of bonds, WHEFA will be a resource to be used by Wisconsin non-profit institutions when researching and evaluating various financing options.