David Piselli




David Piselli has worn many hats over the years, most recently donning a skull cap as he prepares the delicious desserts served in Taylor’s. David began his career at Saint John’s.

in 1987 in the Maintenance department. From there he moved on to hold positions in our Home Health Agency, first manning the reception desk and then working in Human Resources. He later applied his skills at the one and only Tower reception desk, before returning to Maintenance. 

In 2001, David left Saint John’s amidst some personal turmoil. During his absence he enrolled in the baking program at MATC, where upon completion he was the graduation speaker.

During a chance encounter with his previous supervisor in 2003, David learned Saint John’s was adding a bakery to our production kitchen, news which enticed him to return. He accepted a position in Maintenance while waiting for the bakery to be completed, juggled both jobs for a bit and ultimately settled into baking full-time. 

Over the next 16 years, David broadened his culinary repertoire by serving two stints cooking in the care neighborhoods before returning to baking in 2019.

Throughout it all, he has been an exemplary team player, people pleaser and all-around nice guy. David is passionate about good food, especially sweet treats. He helped develop MATC’s baking program, has served as an onsite instructor and brought students to Saint John’s to complete their 80-hour required internships. 

Each year at Christmas, he and his wife Melissa bake 12 varieties of cookies to share with friends and family.

In his spare time, David enjoys photography, tinkering with electronics and caring for their 4 cats. Fun fact: David and Melissa have visited Walt Disney World 20 times!