Decision Guide FAQs for the Future Resident

Making the decision to move to a retirement community like Saint_John's On The Lake starts by analyzing the important factors that may impact it. Our Decision Guide will provide answers about those factors: lifestyle, future health care needs, financial security and overall safety and well-being. We want to help you make the best decision for your future.

Considering Saint_John's On The Lake

Below are several important questions with thoughtful answers to assist you in making the best decision when considering Saint_John's.


What are the major reasons for considering a move to Saint_John's On The Lake?

While there are many varied reasons residents move to Saint_John's On The Lake there are some recurring ones.

First, maintenance-free living in one of our spacious apartment homes leaves you free to choose from a long list of daily experiences planned just for you. Or to do nothing at all. The choice is yours. You can live life the way you like it at Saint_John's On The Lake.

Our residents also enjoy a great location on a Great Lake. Saint_John's location on the east side of Milwaukee allows our residents to immerse themselves in the cosmopolitan feel of nearby theaters and museums or indulge in a day of shopping at unique boutiques or dine in one of the restaurants on-site or in-town.

Finally, residents of Saint_John's On The Lake benefit from the peace of mind of Life Care. The cost of long-term care is expensive and can be unexpected. Life Care protects you and your resources against the high cost of long-term care by providing it at a fixed rate and in familiar surroundings with skilled caregivers.

What is life like at Saint_John's On The Lake?

Our person-centered philosophy empowers you to make the community your own and our comprehensive LifeStreams Wellness Program is designed to meet the needs of the whole person offering programming for the emotional, intellectual, occupational, physical, social and spiritual dimensions.

On campus, our events, performances, wellness initiatives and excursions offer a vital, active lifestyle in a health-conscious environment: art exhibits, Bridge, lectures, writing workshops, personal training, Tai Chi, gardening, woodworking and much more.

Our very own Museum of Wisconsin Art On The Lake and Uihlein Peters Art Gallery are region-wide cultural destinations. Plus our better view on life extends to the neighborhood surrounding Saint_John's.

Options abound with a variety of entertainment and cultural venues as well as day-to-day conveniences – many within easy walking distance. Enjoy the Brady Street and North Avenue shopping and retail districts where you’ll find a variety of restaurants, pubs and boutiques.

The Wisconsin Conservatory of Music is just a few steps away on Prospect Avenue and the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, the Florentine Opera and the Milwaukee Theater Center are minutes away.

Take a walk on Milwaukee’s lakefront where you can marvel at the works in the Milwaukee Art Museum, relax in Lake Park or be amazed by the watercraft at the Milwaukee Yacht Club.

What happens if my health needs change?

Saint_John's On The Lake is a continuing care retirement community which means it provides independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing care on one campus.

Both our Life Care Contract and Standard Contract include priority access to the higher levels of care should your health needs change.

The Life Care Contract provides unlimited guaranteed access to Canterbury Court, our assisted living neighborhood and/or Windsor and Stratford Court, our skilled care neighborhoods. Under the Life Care Contract, even if your health status changes and you require additional care, your Monthly Fee stays virtually the same, except for the additional cost of meals.

The cost of long-term care is expensive and can be unexpected. The Life Care Contract provides peace of mind – knowing that your health care needs will be met at a predictable cost and in familiar surroundings by skilled caregivers.

What is unique about Life Care at Saint_John's?

We understand that conservation of your available financial resources is of utmost importance.

The cost of long-term care is expensive and can be unexpected. The Life Care Contract provides peace of mind – knowing that your health care needs will be met at a predictable cost and in familiar surroundings by skilled caregivers.

Under the Life Care Contract, Saint_John's offers you a way to preserve your assets and protect your estate by ensuring your Monthly Fee stays virtually the same regardless of your level of care.  (We say “virtually” because your Monthly Fee increases, on average, a modest 3% per year. Residents who move to the assisted living (Canterbury) and skilled care (Windsor and Stratford) neighborhoods pay a fee for daily meals.  There is also a monthly State of Wisconsin mandated Bed Tax in skilled care.


More Questions? Contact Us.

We want to answer all of your questions about Saint_John's On The Lake. Call us today at 414-831-6900 or send an email.

Please call us to schedule a personal appointment. We would like to provide the opportunity for you to meet our best resource – some of our current residents who have already made the decision to move to Saint_John's On The Lake.

Life Care Contract guarantees you access to long-term care at a predictable, modest increase in your Monthly Fee. It offers potential initial and on-going tax benefits, and peace of mind for your future health care needs.


Standard Contract allows you to plan your estate differently. Residents have access to our premier long-term care on a fee-for-service basis.


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